Close-up on HTML code Website maintenance the easy way: leave it to us ;-)

Although all websites are supplied with a  content management system (CMS), which allows you to make amendments yourself, we realise that some clients are too busy or simply just don't want to.

Monthly website maintenance plans

If you would like us to perform regular website maintenance on your behalf, here are the different monthly plans that we offer:

To order simply select a plan

Maintenance plan   Hours / month   Price / month*
Light maintenance   3 hours   £108
Moderate maintenance   6 hours   £204
Heavy maintenance   12 hours   £383

Work carried out outside of our monthly plans will be charged at £41 / hour.

'Pay as you go' maintenance

For more occasional changes, we also offer ‘pay as you go’ maintenance.

Work will be charged at £41 per hour, with discount applicable for volume order. To request a free quote, please click here.

*Subject to a minimum 3 months agreement