Small business owner in her shopBusiness Startup websites with free web design service: give your business the right online start

At Netjib™ we truly understand the challenges faced by business start-ups and how keeping a close watch on your cash flow is important.

With this is mind we created our Startup website offer, which includes everything you need to start telling the world about your big idea – at a price you won’t lose sleep on.

A Netjib Startup website includes:

  • A / .com domain of your choice (depending on availability)
  • bespoke website dsign (no template)
  • 1 year hosting
  • 1 contact form and thank you page
  • 1 Gb business webmail

Focus on what you do best

Running a business is tough enough not to have to worry about your website. From domain registration to traffic report, we aim at letting you focus on what you do best and let us worry about the cogs and wheels!

Why choose our Startup website offer:

  • A prompt domain registration - carried out by us!
  • A personalised design for your site - no off-the-shelf template here!
  • The peace of mind of a single contact point
  • Incredibly cash flow friendly

Let your website do the talking

In order to attract and retain visitors, new and relevant content is absolutely critical.

This is why we strongly recommed upgrading your start-up website with our content management system (CMS), giving you total control over your website as and when you need it.

Accessible simply with a web browser, it allows you to amend content in a Word-like environment making sure you are at ease and productive very quickly.

Contact us for more details

Don’t have the time?

We can undertake the maintenance of your website either on a ‘pay as you go’ or monthly plan basis.

Need more?

If you are eager to push your website further, we also offer a full range of options that can be added to your site at any stage, including:

  • Multiple domain name management
  • Extra web pages
  • Customized form(s)
  • Payment solutions
  • Adobe® Flash® animation

For these or any other Startup option, contact us for further information.

Tough on spam

All Netjib™ business websites come complete with a standard contact form, reducing your exposure to spam and preventing your e-mail address being used by spammers.