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Whether you are a busy start-up looking at lighting up the Internet or a more established business wanting to develop its online channel, Netjib™ can assist you with its website design service.s our Startup website package for organisations requiring a quick and easy solution for a first online presence and our Business website service for more advanced requirements.

Which one is the best for me?

Not sure exactly what website solution is the best for you? Have a look at look at the features table below or contact us to discuss your requirements.

  Startup website   Business website  
.CO.UK / .COM domain yes   yes  
Other domain extension please contact us   yes  
RAID1 Hosting what is this? RAID1 also known as disk mirroring consists of at least two drives that duplicate the storage of data. It provides the best performance and the best fault-tolerance in a multi-user system. yes   yes  
Online competition & current site analysis optional   yes  
Custom made site design yes   yes  
Contact form + thank you page yes   yes  
Custom made form(s)     yes  
Custom web development (eg. database, security) optional   yes  
Content update via CMS optional   yes  
Website management via CMS (page creation, user admin) optional   yes  
Web traffic report yes   yes  
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What’s more?

At Netjib™ we believe that your website should champion your marketing.

This is why all our hosted websites give you total control over your content and come pre-configured with a content management system.

Don’t have the time?

Not a problem with our 'pay as you go' and monthly maintenance plans  – you tell us what needs to be done and we will do it for you. It is that easy to stay on top of your site!

All our hosted websites also come with a free traffic report, giving you a regular snapshot of the performance of your site.

Advanced reports combining website traffic data to online campaigns (email, search engines, banners) are also available.

Go the extra mile

At Netjib we understand that eBusiness projects rarely start or stop with the building of a website and this is why we are always trying to go the extra mile for our clients. As such, here are some of the things we can also help you with:

So, why not kick start your web marketing today and contact us for a free quote.